Crocheting: Possible business venture

By Kerslyn On March 27th, 2014

I am slowly learning the loops of crocheting. It wasn’t easy at first but like any other skill, it gets easier with constant practice. For the past weeks, I’ve been into crocheting Nati’s headband as part of her OOTD (outfit of the day). Some friends said I could sell hair trinkets. Yes, soon! I am considering about making it an income-generating project. For now, I need to master my stitches and make a wide array of projects (not only hair trinkets) but also fashion accessories and home decors.

While I was mastering my single and double stitches, Nati managed to sleep on her own - without being cuddled nor my nip in her mouth. Good job bebegurl! #crochet #crochetbabyheadband #handmade #babynati


Should I make this a business, I need somebody to make a logo for me. I wanted my products to be gift-worthy (packaging wise). An affordable printing company to print the labels and tags should be a priority and find Zooprinting very helpful on this. If you’re also like me who’s looking for a nice yet affordable printing jobs, click here for They might be the answer to your printing needs. Good luck!

Cloth diaper hunting

By Kerslyn On March 24th, 2014

Wais tip in cloth diapering: try different brands (so you would know what brand and system works for you and your baby before building your stash. So here, the first three brands that we're going to try on Nati - Alva, Coolababy, and Ninin. Other brands,

Been on cloth diaper hunting for the last few days. I wanted to continue cloth diapering Baby Nati but my sister Carol is too busy to sew cloth diapers so I will try buying from others. Nati’s dozen of cloth diapers that Tita Carol sew doesn’t fit her anymore so we need enough for two to three days’ use to continue with my “save mother nature” advocacy by using reusable and washable cloth diapers instead of using disposables.

We have three brands already. Will try it on Nati so I would know what will work best for us – for our lifestyle and of course, for baby. I’ve been hopping from one online store to another, keeping tab of those that carry different brands so shipping fee will be maximized. Some brands are affordable, while others are too costly for moms with budget issue like me. The pricey ones are high quality and well-designed to fit perfectly on babies. Owning a delicately made one is like having a beautiful ring from this website that is intricately made. I really hope we can start building stash the soonest. I wanted to stop using disposables for Nati the soonest possible time.



By Kerslyn On March 3rd, 2014

“It’s recital month!” Exclaimed one mommy in her facebook status. More than a couple of mommies are posting about the recital rehearsals of their kiddo be it dance or musical. Then followed with beautiful photos from the proud parents. Great! Our former hometown church minister shared the recital of her two girls school. One played the violin while the other is into wind instrument. Can’t help but think about Nati. What would be her musical inclination be? I hope she’ll get that interest from hubby. This reminded me of the great etude etr-100 trumpet that he wanted to have for years now. Maybe if Nati will start to learn playing musical instruments, Ace would be more motivated to get his dream one.

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