Eman on the keyboard

By Kerslyn On March 3rd, 2014

We have a musician in the making! My nephew, Eman tried to play with the piano of our distant relative when we paid her a visit years back. He has no toy keyboard hence we are amazed why he knew what to do with the keys of the piano!


My sister and BIL might want to get this little guy a casio celviano to play with since the little boy shows interest in music at an early age. I hope he’s blessed with a good voice too so we will have a singer in the family like my daddy!

From Rock to Acoustic?

By Kerslyn On January 28th, 2014

I was so elated to see one of the most popular rock bands in the 80s and 90s perform at the finale of the American Idol Season 11. I am referring to Aerosmith. Their music and their legendary acts are just as amazing. I love how they played one of their songs and how the lead guitarist had a solo performance. I guess he was using electric guitar pickups to enhance the clarity and audibility of the music. It was really good to see them again perform on stage. The magic of Aerosmith is unfading and timeless, and boy, they still can lure and make you get up and bang your head to their music. Aerosmith just rocks!

Looking at those guitars made me ask “what if the band plays acoustic music with those powerful seagull the original s6 acoustic guitar at guitar center?
Will they still be as good in that genre? Just curious!

Missing my kitchen duties

By Kerslyn On January 12th, 2014

I miss working in the kitchen. Since I gave birth, I became a semi-retired cook. My time is spent mostly in feeding the little one since I am exclusively breastfeeding her. I don’t have to go out to work hence we are unli-latch.

Earlier today, I was checking on the items that we need to bring to Samal next week. Since we cannot carry everything, I have to prioritize and we will only bring those important things. For the rest of our stuff, we will schedule a truck to move our things. As much as I wanted to bring all my kitchen stuff next week, all I could bring are my macaroons molders and baking sheets (probably) because my sister will use it.

Hello there my 14-year old molders! Wanna bake macaroons for tomorrow...kaso walang ingredients #dahilrain.


Suddenly, I wanted to work in the kitchen – cook our meals or bake some goodies. Maybe if the little one will grow older and she’ll be needing less of my time, then I can play with my cooking stuff and maybe, learn to bake.

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